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Short and Sweet

Good morning! I’m going to keep this short and sweet so I can head out to the library ASAP. I’m going home for the weekend tomorrow so I want to get as much work done today as I can. No … Continue reading

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Benefits of Strength Training

I received a lot of helpful responses on yesterday’s posts about my fears of strength training over cardio, so I just wanted to say thank you! I really appreciate all the feedback and encouragement as I try to step out of … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain

Gotta make this quick, I want to get some school work done before my 12:30pm class! I woke up this morning at 8:00am to do my Blogilates workout. Today was all about legs, and boy was I feeling it! I … Continue reading

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I guess that extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time did nothing for me. Either that, or I’ve reached mid-semester slump and am just over it all! Yeah, I think it’s that one. I am falling asleep on my … Continue reading

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Maybe the Scale Really Doesn’t Matter

I had an epiphany today. I’ve been eating kind of crappy this past week; a lot of wine, cheese, pizza, and ice cream, and it’s left me feeling “fat”, if you know what I mean. Having struggled with yo-yo dieting … Continue reading

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My Favorite Workout Songs

I got a great workout in this afternoon! I went to the gym around noon as planned and took my first ever gym selfie because there was no one else in the gym and I don’t have a lot of … Continue reading

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Slacking Off

What a busy day! I can’t believe it’s almost 5:00pm already. CPR training took up most of my day, and I was glad I brought snacks because it lasted the entire scheduled time. I had originally planned on going grocery … Continue reading

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