I Love Daylight Savings Time

Happy Sunday! And daylight savings time! Hooray for an extra hour of sleep 🙂

I feel like winter is coming early this year. We had a few wet flakes of snow falling yesterday, and right now it’s only 33 degrees out. Brr!

Confession: I love when daylight savings time ends. There, I said it 😳 . To be honest, I don’t mind it when it gets dark at 5:00pm. I actually like it! It gives me an excuse to crawl under a fluffy blanket and veg out on the couch. During the summer at 5:00pm, I feel like I need to be outside, taking advantage of the warm weather and the 9:00pm sunsets.

The end of daylight savings time also brings up a lot of nostalgia and happy memories for me. When I think of winter, I think of the November/December time of year- the roaring fire in the wood stove at my house, family getting together, cooking big dinners, and the tradition my mom and I have of eating a diner breakfast followed by Christmas shopping. It’s just such a peaceful time of year!


I wanted something sweet for breakfast this morning, so I sliced up one of the last pieces of Vivian’s chocolate chip banana bread. I spread some organic peanut butter on top for more protein and sweetness. I love the combination of banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter! 🙂


I also had a Chobani oats cranberry. In September and October I’m all about pumpkin, but once November hits I’m all about cranberry!

img_5140And since it’s Sunday, I broke out the regular coffee maker (instead of the Keurig) and brewed 5 cups 😳 . I made 4 yesterday and I just wanted to sip all day long. I used 3 scoops of caffeinated cinnamon hazelnut coffee and 2 scoops of regular decaf.


I love hot coffee when the weather gets chilly!

And for those who don’t enjoy daylight savings time, a helpful article for ways to deal with seasonal affective disorder.

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