Grocery Haul Week of November 1st

This week’s grocery haul was our cheapest one yet! Each week we spend between $60-70 on our big grocery haul. Although, I usually go out to the store once more during the week to pick up fresh produce or something we may have missed during our haul.

We always aim to spend under $60, but unfortunately that doesn’t usually happen. Today we crushed our goal! Our grand total was $52.49 for:

  • Bananas
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados (2)
  • Shredded cheese
  • 32 oz. plain Chobani container
  • Chobani 2% cranberry oats (1)
  • Chobani pumpkin (1)
  • Frozen green beans
  • Penne pasta
  • Marinara sauce
  • Brown rice
  • Campbell’s butternut squash soup
  • Wegman’s minestrone soup
  • Garlic breadsticks
  • Frozen pizza
  • Frozen Superpretzels

Today’s workout

I had a run/walk and abs scheduled for today, but since I did a treadmill workout yesterday, I decided to do 15 minutes of the elliptical at a 15% incline, and 15 minutes of the Stair Master- level 8. I ended up doing my abs workout before I left for the gym, which was a great decision because I was starving before I even left the gym!

Here is the armor abs workout that I did:


And speaking of abs, Planksgiving starts today! I’ve never been able to get past 2 minutes, but maybe this year that will change.



I made lunch immediately after getting home! I threw together a quick sandwich of lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, and edamame hummus on whole wheat bread, and had some leftover tortilla chips and salsa on the side.





I must be all candied out from yesterday because I had no desire for dessert after lunch! I’m sure that won’t be the case with dinner though.

I’m off to finish some homework and then relax. Have a great Saturday!

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