Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! I’ve got to make this quick because I have a lot of work to do today.

I spent most of my day yesterday working on future career related business; I’m trying to create a website where I can offer nutrition consultations as well as meal plans! I also spent a few hours working on a meal plan for my brother-in-law, and creating a handout of breakfast ideas to-go. With that being said, I didn’t get a lot of actual school work done so I have some catching up to do!

Today I started off my morning with a pre-workout banana, followed by a trip to the gym. I’m glad I took a rest day yesterday because my body was feeling so much better today!

Here is the workout that I did this morning:


Calories burned: 326

I came home with the intention of strength training, but it was nearly 10:00am and I was starving! I decided to save the strength training for later and whipped up a quick breakfast instead.

I refueled with a drippy egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich.


With coffee and half and half of course!



I don’t really have any fun Halloween plans for later; my friend Danielle and I talked about getting together but nothing is set in stone yet. I am meeting up with her later for some potential job discussions though 🙂 Fingers crossed!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. Love that runny egg breakfast and the workout sounds lie a good one.

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