Ready and Raring To Go

I woke up this morning ready and raring to get to the gym. I’m in another “workweek hustle” FitBit challenge, so I’ve got to keep moving!

Before I left for the gym, I snacked on a banana with a spread of organic peanut butter.



Today’s workout was 30 minutes of the elliptical followed by armor abs. I kept the elliptical at a steady level of 15 because I really wanted to feel the burn! I’m trying to tone up 🙂

For the armor abs workout, I decided to just do two sets instead of three like it suggests. I’m new to abs, so I like taking it slow.


Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor and I have no idea how many calories I burned during my workout 😳 .


I made breakfast as soon as I finished my workout. My peanut butter banana snack kept me pretty full, so breakfast was light: one fried egg on whole wheat toast with avocado and a sprinkle of cheese (I ❤ cheese!)

Coffee on the side of course!


Hooray for runny eggs!


Last night

I’ve been terrible at posting my dinners lately. I’m finding that in the evenings I just want to relax with Cameron. Although yesterday, our version of relaxing was playing Kinect Adventures!

Cameron was trying to motivate me to get more steps for my FitBit challenge, so he joined me for some Kinect games. I worked up quite a sweat!



Last night’s dinner was a creamy, skillet pasta with garlic toast. I sautéed up some peas in olive oil then added the cooked pasta, poured on some sauce, and stirred in some plain non-fat Chobani. The Chobani almost makes it look like penne ala vodka!


Obviously, I had to top it with cheese 🙂


I also made some garlic toast, the lazy way. I toasted up a slice of whole wheat bread, spread on some Light Smart Balance with Flax Oil, and sprinkled on some garlic powder. Simple as that!


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