The Great Grumpkin

Once again I lived up to my grandma reputation last night by passing out at 10:00pm. The good news is I was able to fit in pumpkin carving and seed roasting before I fell asleep 🙂


Last night’s dinner was a whole lot of randomness! I wasn’t in the mood for anything in particular so I heated up a bowl of “grown up” mac and cheese.

I make my “grown up” mac and cheese by mixing one container of single serve Annie’s white cheddar mac and cheese with quinoa, plain non-fat Chobani, peas, and cheese!


Not surprisingly, I was still hungry after I finished my mac. I waited 20 minutes to see if I was actually full or not (I wasn’t), so I spread some peanut butter on a banana and called it a day dinner.


The Great Grumpkin

Once I finished dinner, I started in on my Grumpy cat pumpkin carving!


It was a little harder than I thought it would be because some parts involved scraping and some parts involved cutting. I’d never “scraped” a pumpkin before, so I took a knife and went at it.

But after some gutting, scraping, and cutting, the Great Grumpkin was born 😉


After, I roasted the seeds with a little bit of olive oil and salt. I plan to eat them later tonight when I watch The Walking Dead!

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