On The Hunt

This afternoon, Cameron and I spent over 2 hours driving all around Buffalo checking out potential apartments. Our current lease is up in mid-December so we are on the hunt! I really like the apartment we’re in now, but it’s a little too expensive. Right now, we live in the upstairs of a house that’s fully furnished, has a sunporch/balcony, and most importantly, is quiet! 

I’ve had my share of years where I lived in loud dorms and apartments- particularly my last apartment where the bass would thump through my wall until 2:00am, followed by the TV at 4:00am. Ugh, what a nightmare that was!


After I published my potato leek soup post this morning, I made myself an egg, cheese, and tomato sandwich with the last of the deli American cheese ( 😦 ) for breakfast.

If you’ve never added tomato to an egg sandwich, you should start right away!


As usual, I drank a cup of coffee (or two) on the side.


I spent the morning practicing for the binge eating and Mediterranean diet presentation that I have on Monday. It’s a big part of my grade and I’m starting to get nervous 😳

I decided to go to the library so I could print off my slides today and not tomorrow. I really hate saving things for the last minute!

I made a Starbucks Via Pumpkin Spice Latte to take with me. I love the Via because it’s only $1.25 and 140 calories per serving 🙂


After I got back from the library, Cameron and I made a gameplan for apartment hunting. We wanted to look at 8 places that were spread all around town, so we needed to make sure we had a driving plan and didn’t end up backtracking.


After our plan was in order, I made a quick lunch so we could hit the road! I heated up some leftover crockpot potato leek soup and threw together a side salad.

Today’s salad:

  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Asiago cheese
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Snapea Caesar Crisps
  • Italian dressing


I love those Snapea crisps! They give a nice crunch to my salad and they’re a much healthier version of croutons. They also don’t give me chest pain, which is a plus.


As always, I needed something sweet after lunch so I enjoyed a Dove dark chocolate square.


Post apartment hunting, I spent some time looking for jobs online. I had an interview over two weeks ago, but I haven’t heard back 😳 . I think I’ll call on Monday and get the scoop.

If anyone is looking for any nutritional help (weight loss, meal plans, etc.), send me an email at thehealthyrd@gmail.com and we can chat!

Around 4pm, I started to get hungry so I made a quick snack. I really wanted crackers and hummus, but we are out of crackers so I settled for baby carrots and edamame hummus!

IMG_4971In comparison with my usual garbanzo bean hummus, I couldn’t really taste a difference. The only thing I noticed was the lack of garlic flavor, but other than that, pretty darn good!

I’m still hungry but luckily it’s almost dinner time 🙂

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2 Responses to On The Hunt

  1. Apartment hunting can be super stressful – good luck with it!

    I love tomato, egg, and cheese sandwiches. If you like avocado, it’s so good to add a slice on there too. 🙂

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