Wine Ice Cream

Happy Friday! I’m going to keep this post short because my computer is acting up again and I think it wants to be turned off.

I have a fun weekend planned, starting with crockpot potato leek soup for dinner tonight, carving a Grumpy Cat pumpkin (or a Grumpkin :p), apartment hunting with Cameron tomorrow, and hiking with friends at a state park on Sunday!

Oh, and tonight I’ll be enjoying some WINE ICE CREAM!!


I stumbled upon it at Wegman’s yesterday when I was wandering around the currently-being-renovated store because I didn’t feel like asking where the spices had been moved to. It must’ve been fate!

This is legitimately wine ice cream. The second ingredient is Riesling!

IMG_4917 Breakfast

I started this morning off with pumpkin pie oats in a jar. I guess it was more of a peanut butter pumpkin pie oatmeal today! 

I cooked my oatmeal with vanilla flax milk, and stirred in plain, non-fat Chobani to make “choats” as I like to call it!


As usual, I enjoyed my oatmeal with a big mug of coffee.


I’ve also been sipping on some apple cinnamon infused water that I made last night. I chopped up two apples and threw them in a pitcher along with 2 sticks of cinnamon.

For those who hate drinking water, fruit infusions are a great way to keep you coming back for more!


I’m off to make my soup and then hit the gym!

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