Ziti or Pizza?

So Cameron and I did not end up ordering pizza from Franco’s as planned. Instead, we went to a local pizzeria called Zettis, which has some of the biggest slices I’ve ever seen! They’re so big they need two paper plates to hold each slice!! Obviously, a place like this is not the healthiest choice, but I’m all about moderation and balance 🙂

I was having trouble deciding between pizza and penne ala vodka, so I ordered the best of both worlds; baked ziti pizza! I’ve actually never had ziti pizza before tonight, and it tastes just like it sounds like it would…like baked ziti on pizza crust.

IMG_4864Amazingly, I still had room for more, so I ordered a slice of cheese. It was so greasy I could almost see my reflection! Yuck! I blotted it off with at least 5 napkins.


I feel like my eating hasn’t been the best lately– a lot of mac and cheese, wine, ice cream, and salty foods. I generally just feel crappy when I eat like this, not to mention being bloated and getting chest pain. (No need to be alarmed, I have mitral valve prolapse and get harmless chest pain when I eat high fat foods). I’m definitely ready to get back on track tomorrow, starting with an arm workout because I was too lazy to do it tonight 😳 .

*FitBit “Workweek Hustle” update: As of the last time Tori synched (an hour ago), I’m currently in first place with 27,465 steps since the challenge began Monday at midnight. I’m at almost 16,000 steps total for the day!

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2 Responses to Ziti or Pizza?

  1. Baked ziti on pizza?! YUM. I’ve had mac n cheese pizza and its aaamazing.

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