Elliptical Butt Blaster

Gotta make this quick, my to-do list is overflowing!

I woke up bright and early to get a workout in before the day gets busy. One of my favorite things about morning workouts (besides starting the day off on an awesome foot!) is how peaceful it is. I would almost never be doing homework at 8:00am, so I don’t feel guilty that I’m working out instead of studying 🙂

I had a treadmill run/walk scheduled for today, but I opted for the elliptical instead. I also have arms scheduled in, which I plan to do later when I watch TV. No stairmaster workout for me this week; as I suspected on Sunday, it’s officially out of order!


Before I left for the gym, I snacked on a banana. I need a little fuel to power me through my workouts!


At the gym, I did a 35 minute “Elliptical Butt Blaster” workout.


0-5 minutes: level 8

Cycle 1-Time to get moving! 

5-8 minutes: level 10

8-10 minutes: level 12

10-11 minutes: level 15

Cycle 2: Burn it baby!

11-14 minutes: level 10

14-16 minutes: level 12

16-17 minutes: level 15

Cycle 3: Booty blasting time!

17-20 minutes: level 10

20-22 minutes: level 12

22-24 minutes: level 15

Cycle 4: Last set! Go hard!

24-27 minutes: level 10

27-29 minutes: level 12

29-30 minutes: level 15

Cool down

30-35 minutes: level 8

For me, this workout burned about 315 calories.


On the way home, I could taste fresh coffee and an egg and cheese sandwich. Naturally, that’s exactly what I made when I got back to the apartment!

Mmm…just drippy enough, with melty cheese, butter, and a fresh tomato slice 🙂 Perfection!


IMG_4858Time to hit the shower. Be back after lunch!

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