Stepping It Up

Sorry my lunch and dinner posts are so late. I had to study for a quiz I took earlier this evening! I’m sure other students know what I mean 😉


Lunch today was (surprise) another salad. One of the reasons I love salads so much is because they’re so versatile! You can add pretty much anything you want to them. Today, I cooked up some quinoa and added it to my salad for extra fiber and whole grains!

IMG_4843 Of course, there was a (unpictured) square of dark chocolate on the side 🙂

I totally let my eager appetite get the best of me at lunch today 😳 . There is a food truck that comes to campus on Mondays, and I’ve been curious to try their white cheddar mac and cheese. I love my white cheddar mac! One of my friends brought some to class so I immediately asked if I could try it and dove my fork right in without looking! It turns out it was Buffalo chicken white cheddar mac. Bleh! Being that I’m a vegetarian, it was not a fun experience!

My Buffalo chicken salad didn’t hold me very long, and I was hungry again not even 3 hours later. When I got home from class, I toasted up a slice of whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter and jelly.


A little while later, I packed myself an apple and headed off to my statistics class. By the way, I got a 90 on my quiz! Yay!


When I got home from class at 7:30pm, I was still craving white cheddar mac and cheese. I heated up a single serve of Annie’s and mixed in plain non-fat Chobani, quinoa, peas, and cheese! I call it “grown up” mac and cheese 🙂


I’m also trying to expand my boyfriend’s taste buds for vegetables, so I mashed up a big sweet potato with a little butter and salt for him to try. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a fan of the mashed texture. I, however, had no problem finishing up the rest of the potato! ALL the vitamin A!


After dinner, Cameron and I snacked on a bag of 100 calorie microwave popcorn. I am so full!

PS: I’m killing it with my steps today! So far, I’m at 11,025 and I hope to get to 11,500 by the time I go to bed. On a rest day, I usually average between 5-7,000 steps. I’ve really “stepped it up”. Sorry, I had to do it!

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2 Responses to Stepping It Up

  1. Yum- love your grown-up version of mac & cheese…Annie could learn a thing or 2 😉

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