Such A Girl

What is with this weather lately? It’s raining cats and dogs again!


Cameron went home for the weekend so for the next two days, it’s just me! I’m a little sad but I plan to make the most of it by cleaning the apartment (minus vacuuming because Cameron already did that today 🙂 ) and using the quiet time to get my homework done.

I’m being such a girl tonight! With Cameron out of the house, I picked up a bottle of Cupcake Riesling, Wegman’s takeout Chinese food, and a pint of B&J’s halfbaked froyo to eat while I watch the E! channel.

For about $10, I was able to get vegetable lo mein, vegetable fried rice, a vegetable egg roll, steamed vegetables, and spicy cauliflower.


I drank my first glass of riesling with my dinner, and my second while writing this post!


My girly TV show agenda includes Keeping Up with the Kardashians during dinner and 3 hours of Sex and the City at 8:00 when I plan to have some of my half-baked Ben and Jerry’s.


I’ll be hitting the gym little harder tomorrow to make up for my splurge, but hey, it’s Friday right?

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2 Responses to Such A Girl

  1. how is the half baked fro-yo? It sound really good! The greek yogurt flavors have only just made their way across the pond, so hopefully the fro-yo is on its way too!

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