Lazy Start

When my alarm went off at 7:00am this morning, I immediately turned it off and laid in bed for another 40 minutes. Sometimes you just need a lazy start! I made up for it though by making coffee and diving right into my to-do list. The kitchen fairies didn’t come last night so I spent some time cleaning the kitchen (emptying the dishwasher, washing dishes, even organizing the Tupperware drawer!), followed by immediately dirtying the kitchen to make breakfast (which, by the way, I didn’t wake up starving for. I guess my body really need more food last night!).

I was craving a buttery, runny egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast…mmm 🙂


It’s funny how I was all about scrambled eggs just the other day, and now I’m back to fried. I’m so indecisive!


One thing that never changes though is a big mug (or two) of coffee with my breakfast 🙂


After breakfast, I started tackling my school work. My brain works best in the morning so I like to get as much done before the afternoon as I can. By the time 4:00 comes around, I just want to veg out!

I have today scheduled as an “off day” for working out, but I might hit the gym anyways. Yesterday’s night class yoga was cut short due to a long lecture, so I am not feeling any need for a rest today!

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2 Responses to Lazy Start

  1. I agree with needing/wanting a lazy start some days however last week I had three of them in a row– yikes!!

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