Library Life

Sorry for the late lunch post. I’ve been busting my butt at the library practically all day! I gave my laptop the morning off and worked on my presentation on the school computer right until lunch time.

Around noon I headed home to eat lunch and relax for an hour or so until it was time to get back to work. It was gray and dreary outside, so my lunch was classic comfort food: a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and Progresso vegetable soup. (And an un-pictured Dove dark chocolate square as usual)


While I ate lunch, I watched a re-run of How I Met Your Mother, which happened to be a Christmas episode and really got me looking forward to the holiday season! I hate thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving is over, so I need to chill out and enjoy Halloween for now 🙂

I headed back to the library after my lunch-break and manage to mostly finish up my presentation. Now I just need to edit and rehearse! I think that’s enough homework for today. I still have class at 7:00pm and I need to preserve some brain cells!

Side note: I’m really sore from yesterday. I guess the beginner leg workout worked!

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2 Responses to Library Life

  1. I was walking through Costco yesterday and got waaay to excited when I saw all of the Christmas decorations for sale. One holiday at a time, Katie… 😉

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