An Apple A Night

I just got back from my Mindful Therapist class and I am HUNGRY! My dinner tonight was a big salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado, garbanzo beans, cheese, and the last of the peanut noodles, followed by a handful of Mrs. Thinster’s cookie thins for dessert.


A big salad like this, especially with the peanut noodles, is usually enough to keep me full for a few hours.

Then again, I did work up quite a sweat during the yoga part of my Mindful Therapist class tonight. I was really feeling my sore legs from yesterday’s workout, so holding poses like warrior and crescent lunge were a challenge.

I try not to eat too close to bed because it leaves me with an insatiable appetite the next day (does this happen to anyone else?), but tonight I’m giving in. I munched on an orchard apple a little while ago and right now I’m snacking on peanut butter toast.

I’m off to bed in a little bit, so we’ll see how hungry I am when I wake up tomorrow. Goodnight!

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