Rainy Morning

This day has been flying by! No complaints here! It was a dreary, rainy morning here in Buffalo, so when it came time for breakfast I had one thing on my mind; oatmeal.

IMG_4679I whipped up a batch of hot oats with pumpkin butter, Wegman’s frozen fruit cherry blend, and Hannaford pumpkin granola.


I buy the Wegman’s quick cooking oats and cook them in unsweetened vanilla almond milk for 2 minutes. Today I cooked them for 3 and had a real mess on my hands! Lesson learned there!


As usual, there was coffee with organic half and half on the side.


This morning’s agenda included working on my binge eating and Mediterranean diet presentation that I have in two weeks, followed by class at 12:30pm.

Mondays have me pretty busy with class, so I make sure I’m prepared with meals and snacks. Campus doesn’t have a lot of healthy items (and the ones they do offer are expensive), so it’s important that I plan ahead. I always have at least a granola bar on me.

For lunch, I packed some leftover cold peanut noodles from yesterday, this time with added sesame seeds and 1/4 of an avocado!


The noodles had a much better “peanut butter flavor” today. I guess the key is to let them soak in the peanut butter for a while!

It was still raining when I left for class, so I heated up some apple cider tea. I always like hot tea when the weather is off!


Looks like it’s finally cleared up now. I hope the rain holds off for my next class!

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