I feel like I just slept for 100 years! I went to bed early last night because I was feeling nauseous from dinner. I crawled into bed at 10:00pm, expecting to sleep a full 8 hours and wake up at 6:00am. 10 hours later, I finally woke up! I must have really needed it.

Last night’s dinner was nothing out of the ordinary, so I’m not sure why I felt sick. Cameron heated up a thin-crust Wegman’s cheese pizza, and I made a small salad to go along with my 3 slices. For dessert, I had two chocolate chunk Chips Ahoy cookies.

IMG_0274 1Only two pizza slices are pictured, but I went back for another one!

In the salad:

  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Organic garbanzo beans
  • Whole wheat croutons
  • Good seasonings Italian dressing

During dinner we watched some season 9 episodes of How I Met Your Mother, followed by a couple hours of My Cat from Hell. We really know how to have a rockin’ Saturday night!

I didn’t have an evening snack because I wasn’t feeling well, but I did make some Yogi lemon ginger tea to help with the nausea.


Since I didn’t do any homework yesterday, I have some work to catch up on today. I also plan on going to the gym later in the afternoon. I like to get my workouts done in the morning, but on weekends the school gym doesn’t open until 12. We also had our first frost of the season today so running outside right now is a big n-o in my mind!

Time to get crackin’!

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