5 Easy Steps to Start Working Out

I had a great workout this afternoon! I feel like I’m finally out of my exercise rut and back in the swing of things. It’s amazing how easy it is to stop working out once you miss a few days! Since I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon more than once, I put together a list of steps that help me start up again.

5 Easy Steps to Start Working Out

  • Schedule your workout as an appointment. If your workout is penciled in your planner or scheduled on your phone or Google calendar, you are much more likely to go. Set a reminder on your phone or computer if you think may forget. Do pick a time when you know you can make it, such as after work if the gym is on the way home, during your lunch break, or before school or work if you are a morning person. Don’t pick a time when you may be likely to back out, such as 5:00am if you know you’ll hit snooze, or 9:00pm when you’re exhausted from the day.
  • Start slow. If you haven’t exercised in a while, you can’t expect yourself to be able to run 5 miles or deadlift 50 pounds. Taking it easy is a good way to prevent yourself from getting discouraged and makes it more likely that you’ll want to come back. Take a walk outside or on the treadmill for 30 minutes, do some light pedaling on the elliptical, or ride your bike around the neighborhood.
  • Plan out your workout. It’s easy to feel lost with what to do in a crowded gym or a park. Decide what you will do before you get to the gym or place of workout and bring your plan in a notebook with you. Many cardio machines at the gym have workouts built into them, so you can always try out one of those! The Health and Fitness section on Pinterest also has some great workout ideas. Workout classes, DVDs, and YouTube workouts are great options because the routine has been planned out for you!
  • Tell a friend. Letting a friend or family member know that you plan to start working out is a great way to ensure you can’t back out! If you start something new and intimidating without telling anyone, it’s easy to just stop because nobody knew but you. Telling a friend may also motivate them to start working out and get you an exercise buddy! Working out with a friend is always more fun and motivating.
  • Pick out some great music. For me, music can seriously make or break my workout! Pandora and Spotify offer great music stations if you don’t like to purchase your music through iTunes. I always have Pandora playing at the gym or when I run, and I often joke that I can’t physically work out without music. Some of my favorite workout stations include Today’s Hits Radio, Pop and Hip Hop Power, Pop Fitness Radio, 90s Alternative Radio, and Nike Power station.

I hit the gym around noon today, after a morning of blogging, breakfast, and homework.

My stomach still felt a little off this morning so I whipped up an easy breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast.


Two scrambled eggs + 1/2 sautéed onion + parmesan cheese and avocado toast!


For my workout today, I chose a 45 minute pre-programmed workout on the elliptical. It was fun because I could pretend I was in New Zealand!


The workout switched up the incline between 8 and 12, which gave my legs a good burn! According to my heart rate monitor, I burned almost 450 calories.

I don’t like the weight room at the school gym, so I came home to use my own weights. I was starving from my workout so I ate the other half of yesterday’s Luna bar before I did strength training.


Here is the workout that I did!


I used 5 and 8lb dumbbells and did 2 sets instead of 4.

After my workout, I threw together a sandwich and heated up a cup of Progresso Heart Healthy minestrone soup.


The Luna bar must’ve digested right when I started lunch because I was too full to finish my whole sandwich! Of course, I wasn’t too full for a Hershey’s Bliss dark chocolate square :P. I’m going to save the other half of the sandwich for dinner.

What are some ways that you start exercising again when you’ve fallen out of routine?

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4 Responses to 5 Easy Steps to Start Working Out

  1. I schedule to go to group fitness classes, and this seems to help me stay motivated to go exercise because I’m held accountable by signing up for classes.

  2. Great tips! I find that scheduling my workouts is a surefire way for me to ensure I fit my workouts in..once they are in the planner, there is little that can stop me from getting ’em done :)!

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